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Background Checks…

Requesting and reviewing a background check on a candidate is a critical step in the decision making process. It is important to know that this is only part of the process. A background check may point out warning signs but may not be 100% accurate or complete. Reports are based on information provided by the candidate and information reported from the state and county courts.

When interviewing Family and Sitter candidates, we urge you to do as much research as possible. Ask to see a photo ID, check out their social media, personally call each reference, and most importantly, trust your instincts. If it all checks out and you still aren’t quite sure, there is most likely a good reason.

The Difference…

We understand that some Parents and Sitters may or may not require a background check on a candidate. For those that do, Lullaby Sitters has partnered with Safe Hiring Solutions to offer an Expanded Criminal History search. These are the same type of reports the State requires for a school employee, teacher, substitute teacher, or contractor.

What the SHS Expanded Criminal History Search includes:

•Expanded search will require candidate to provide more identifiers (ex. SSN)

•Social Security Number verification

•National Criminal History Check (300+million records, includes convictions and dismissals)

•Depending on address history, up to 3 county criminal searches

•Multi state Sex Offender Registry check (records from 50 states and Washington DC)

•Results in 5-7 days

You can run your own Limited Criminal History Check through the state of Indiana, but those reports are limited to just Indiana.  Although these checks are instantaneous and cheap, please know that they are not as thorough as the reports from SHS. A Limited Criminal History will typically show convictions within the last 7 years but usually not show any dismissals. Nor do they search Sex Offender registries.

Whatever route you choose, we urge that you make these reports only PART of your decision making process.

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As a college student, Lullaby Sitters was a great way for me to get involved and get a job in the Indianapolis area. I am a student with a full course load and just wanted an occasional way to make some spending money. This was the safe and easy way to do that in a new state! I’m babysitting for a family that is also new to the area, so it was great for both of us!

- Emily (Sitter)